"2020, the Dream Odyssey"
is a tribute to the legendary work of Stanley Kubrick "2001, the Space Odyssey".
I imagined an exhibition with the aim of transporting us in the same way that Stanley Kubrick did with his Odyssey, making both the spectator and his characters in fantastic and out of reach worlds.

The concept has been imagined as being a "Gesamtkunstwerk" or total work of art, since it mixes music, light, design, etc. in the same universe.

So that the immersion is total and in a contemporary context, I imagined this exhibition divided into five parts which are as many stages of a dreamlike journey p. robing the depths of our unconscious as making us, the space of an instant, get away.

The exhibition is based on immersion and the visual.

To support this concept, each room of the exhibition will be associated with music and a visual, in the form of clips of two minutes each, for a total of ten minutes of immersive experience. Some of the rooms also have a graphic design as well as furniture.

This exhibition also echoes Verner Panton's "Visiona 2" exhibition, unveiled in 1970 and composed of dreamlike spaces where visitors navigate freely, without constraints and in a pop and colorful universe, specific to the artist.

As in "Visiona 2", each of the rooms will have its own concept with the difference that it is essential here to do in the established order, since they tell a "dreamlike odyssey" that is to say a trip to through dreams, represented by these different universes.

However, this is just a school project and none of this is - for now - in production. I don't have the rights to use kubrick's nor "2001" images.
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